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Terms of use


Terms of use of the website and


This is a website that Profopal makes available to citizens at the national level and to all users of the Internet. Its objective is to provide service and information to said users and thus project and publicize its work as an agricultural fertilizer company. See below for the Terms of Use.

All rights reserved. Modification of the Web or its contents is not allowed.

The administrative information provided through this website does not replace the publicity of the documents that must be published in Official Newspapers and Gazettes, whose edition is an instrument that attests to their content.

Profopal is not responsible for the content, accuracy and updating of the information that comes from other natural or legal persons and that appears on the website or to which it is referred from links or other systems.

Profopal is not responsible for the use by third parties of the information contained, although they will have to comply with the warnings that appear for certain documents and applications.

All the data provided by the users will not be used for purposes other than those expressed in each case, nor will they be provided to third parties, in accordance with the principles of protection of personal data established by the Organic Law of Protection Data (Law 15/1999, of December 13).

Profopal does not guarantee that the website and the server are free of viruses and is not responsible for any damage caused by accessing the website or the inability to access it.

Profopal reserves the right to modify and expand content, information, applications, etc. from this website at any time and without prior notice.

Profopal's interest is that this website works with maximum efficiency and fulfills the purpose for which it was created and therefore maintains it, using all reasonable means to achieve it, but is not responsible for possible dysfunctions and / or anomalies in its operation.

Profopal may modify the terms and conditions that appear on this website and, therefore, advises its consultation with a reasonable periodicity in case changes occur in them.

The use of this website implies acceptance of the terms and conditions contained therein.

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